The Complete Hospital Bag Checklist

The last few months were a long haul and now you are looking through your hospital bag checklist. Countless hours of daydreaming until you meet the special one!

Haven’t you already been eagerly waiting for this day? We all do, right? But now it’s almost time for the big day. Are you prepared enough to welcome the new guest? Are all the preparations in place? If not, then don’t worry. We’re here to help you get through!

Preparing yourself for the roller coaster ride of parenthood isn’t a piece of cake. No one’s prepared until the final day! But here’s something you can do to help you get started.

The Hospital Bag Checklist for Mums

As a first-time mom, you may not know what you need for the big day. Indeed, you could be mentally prepared for the grind, but that isn’t enough. You must ensure you’re ready to step into the car and drop in at your gynecologist as soon as labor begins. 

Let us share some essentials you must pack in your hospital bag that you would need when at the hospital:

First, ensure you get an appropriately sized bag for your essentials, both too big and too small. Getting a multi-pocket bag is a plus, as many things would be handy, and finding stuff would be more accessible for you and your caretaker.

  1. A Delivery Plan and Hospital Records

A birth plan and hospital records can be useful for expectant parents to bring to the hospital or birthing facility. Your expectations for your labor and delivery procedure, including pain management, delivery positions, and other specifics, are outlined in a birth plan. 

Your experience will be personalized, and your healthcare provider will better understand your wishes. Additionally, hospital records can be beneficial, particularly if you’re expecting a baby at high risk or have a disease that needs special monitoring. 

To help direct your care during labor and delivery, your healthcare provider might summarize your medical history, test findings, and any other relevant data.

  1. Comfortable Clothes

Keeping 2-3 sets of your most comfy dresses (even pjs) for postpartum is a good idea, as you need to feel as comfortable as possible. You can consider ironing early enough.

  1. Supportive Bras

A pair of comfy, supportive bras and a couple of nursing bras should be in hand. It would help if you started breastfeeding at the hospital, so packing these are reasonable.

  1. Maternity Pads & Underwear 

Your hospital might provide this; however, you should prepare beforehand. Carry heavy-duty maternity pads, as the flow can be pretty heavy.

  1. Charging Cord 

Since you’ll be at the hospital for quite some time, remember to keep the charging cords with you. Also, remind your husband/caretaker to do the same too.

  1. Snacks 

Although snacking on random things isn’t something you should be doing, let’s keep it for the husband or the visitors. However, if you already fear boiled veggies and healthy (read tasteless) hospital food, keep some of your favorite healthy snacks. 

  1.  Nipple Cream 

The beginning of the breastfeeding journey can overwhelm you, so you should be cautious.

  1. Peri Bottle

In the case of vaginal delivery, a peri bottle can be a lifesaver as it makes cleaning super convenient. You can fill it with warm or salt water for soothing relief.

  1.  A Comfy Pillow 

If you need help sleeping in hotels or any place other than your bedroom, this one’s for you. Keep a pillow for your hospital trip, as it might help you get cozy and sleep well. Resting and relaxing your body is super important after the tiresome grind.

  1. A Book or Air pods for Entertainment 

The hospital might not have enough entertainment sources, so keeping some of your favorite things to keep yourself busy can be helpful. You can keep a book if that’s what you love, or you could plug in your Air pods to get your favorite playlist on.

Alternatively, you can carry your pregnancy activity book and keep documenting!

  1. Toiletries and A few Essential Makeup Products

Now, this is a complete add-on, but these are some things you should consider packing too:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Hair ties or clips
  • Shower shoes or sandals; Not all hospitals provide slippers, so keeping one for yourself is a good idea.
  • Tissues
  • Face wash and
  • Moisturizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Contact lens solution and case (if applicable)
  • Glasses and case (if applicable)
  • Razor and shaving cream (if applicable)
  • Nail file or clippers
  • Q-tips or cotton balls foundation, lipstick, and blush to give you a glowy look on your big day! Your post-delivery photos and the first photos with the baby will be a memory for life, and you might want to look fresh.

All these things must be packed in advance, and only a few things can be left to be done at the last moment.

The Hospital Bag Checklist for Infants

Now that the mum’s all set for the hospital tour let’s prepare for the baby’s welcome. Your baby shopping must be done before the arrival of the baby, as you will only have a little time once the little one pops into your life. 

Even going shopping isn’t recommended by the gynecologist; resting and letting your body heal during the postpartum phase should be your utmost priority. You should spend as much time with the baby as possible.

Thus, here goes the list of what must go into the hospital bag for the baby.

  1.  Comfortable Infant Clothing

The infant must be fully protected and covered for at least a few hours (and even days) after birth to eliminate any chances of catching a cold. Some baby clothes can include;

  • Burp Clothes: keep a few burp/wash clothes handy while prepping yourself for the throw-ups.
  • a soft hat 
  • A Soft Towel: A towel is usually included in a newborn clothing set; however, if you prefer buying separates, remember that a towel is a basic requirement.
  •  A Warm Blanket or shawl: A super cozy and warm blanket should be packed as the nurses usually wrap the babies in blankets to keep them warm
  •  scratch mittens and socks or Booties
  • bodysuits 
  • vests 
  • sleepsuits 
  • an outfit for going home in

Your baby’s first clothing should be a delicate dress made of the softest cotton fabric. Remember to prewash the dress as the baby’s skin would be super sensitive, and you need to eliminate any source of allergic reactions.

You should keep a few different-sized clothing so that if one size doesn’t fit, you have a larger size in hand and wouldn’t have to rush someone to the store to grab a new one.

  1. Diapers & Wipes 

These items may or may not be included in your delivery/hospital package, but keeping zero-sized diapers is a smart idea to avoid any potential mishaps.

  1. Sterilized Bottles 

In case you plan on bottle feeding your baby, or if you opt for combination feeding, sterilized bottles are a must-have.

  1.  A Car Seat 

Lastly, a car seat is essential as the baby must be properly seated and buckled on her way back to her new home.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve stocked up all these essentials for your hospital journey, revising and rechecking the checklist is a good idea. After this, you’re all set to get going as soon as you experience any signs of labor!

Download the Complete Hospital Bag Checklist Here!💖

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