5 Benefits of Reading and Storytelling to Your Child

So, you want to know about the benefits of reading and storytelling to your child? “Hapo zamani za kale” (In the olden days), storytelling was a way of passing down wisdom from one generation to the next. Well, my friend, the tradition of reading and storytelling is still alive and thriving, and it has numerous advantages for your little one’s development.

In this article, we’ll explore five significant benefits of reading and storytelling to your child that will make you want to grab a book and start sharing stories with them immediately! Nurturing a child’s imagination, enhancing their language as they develop, and establishing a bond between them and you, the parent.

Are you ready to embark on this delightful journey with your little one? Let’s dive into the world of books and tales together, one page at a time!

The Benefits of Reading and Storytelling to Your Child

Cognitive Development

Reading and storytelling are crucial in enhancing your child’s cognitive development. According to Raising Children Australia, reading to children from a young age promotes brain development and improves language skills, memory, and concentration.

    Imagination and Creativity

    When children immerse themselves in stories, their minds become fertile grounds for creativity to blossom. They envision vivid characters, places, and events, stimulating their imaginative thinking. So, by sharing tales with your little one, you’re cultivating their imagination, which will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.

    Emotional Development

      Reading and storytelling provide a safe space for your child to explore and understand their emotions. Through the characters’ experiences in stories, they learn empathy, compassion, and how to navigate various feelings. As they relate to fictional characters’ challenges, triumphs, and emotions, they develop a deeper know-how of human nature.

      Bonding and Social Development

      In Kenya, we value the strength of family bonds and community ties. Reading and storytelling provide an excellent opportunity for bonding with your child. Cuddling up with a book creates a warm, loving atmosphere that strengthens your relationship. The shared experience of exploring stories fosters open communication and builds trust.

      Knowledge and Academic Success

        Reading and storytelling are key ingredients in unlocking your child’s potential for academic success. When they read widely and engage in storytelling, they acquire knowledge across various subjects, expand their vocabulary, and improve their language skills. This lays a solid foundation for academic achievement.

        Practical Tips for Reading and Storytelling with Your Child

        Comfortable Reading Area

        Create a cosy reading nook. Just as the acacia tree provides shade in the scorching sun, it creates a comfortable and inviting space for reading and storytelling. Arrange cushions, blankets, and a soft rug in a quiet corner of your home. This cosy nook will be your haven for sharing stories and cuddling up with a good book.

        Use expressive voices and gestures.

        Like dancers’ graceful movements, they bring stories to life using expressive voices and gestures. Give each character a unique voice, imitate animal sounds, and use gestures to engage your child’s senses. Adding drama and excitement captivates their attention and makes the stories memorable.

        Incorporate Kenyan tales and folklore.

          Our country, remember, is rich in traditional stories and folklore passed down through generations. Include these tales in your storytelling sessions to connect your child with our cultural heritage. Share stories of Anansi the Spider, the legend of Luanda Magere, or folktales from other tribes.

          Discuss the stories afterwards.

          Just as the rains bring growth to the fields, discussing stories after reading deepens your child’s understanding. Ask open-ended questions about the characters, the story’s moral, and their favourite parts. 

            Encourage children to express their thoughts and opinions. These discussions promote critical thinking and language development.

            Visit local libraries and bookshops.

            Take regular trips to these places with your child. Let them choose books that pique their interest. This exposes them to a wide range of literature, instils a love for reading, and encourages independent exploration.

            Set aside dedicated reading time.

              Establish a consistent reading routine. Set aside a specific time each day for reading and storytelling. Make it a cherished ritual where you and your child can escape into the world of books. Whether before bedtime or during a lazy Sunday afternoon, this dedicated time will become a special moment you both look forward to.

              How to Overcome Challenges and Instill a Love for Reading

              Now, my friend, let’s address some common challenges when reading with children and discover ways to cultivate an environment that fosters a love for books.

              Addressing common challenges in reading with children

                Like a river finding its way around obstacles, we can navigate the challenges that may arise during reading sessions. If your child seems disinterested, try choosing books that align with their interests and hobbies.

                For example, if they love animals, find books about wildlife or pets. If they struggle with reading comprehension, take turns reading paragraphs or pages together. This way, you can provide guidance and discuss the story as you go along.

                Cultivating a positive reading environment and attitude

                Designate a quiet and well-lit space where your child can read comfortably. Surround them with various books that cater to their age and interests. Show enthusiasm and excitement when discussing books and stories. Your enthusiasm will be contagious!

                Encouraging independent reading habits

                  Just as a lioness teaches her cubs to hunt, we can encourage independent reading habits in our children. Set aside a specific time each day for independent reading, where your child can explore books independently.

                  Please provide them with various reading materials, including age-appropriate books, magazines, or digital resources. Celebrate their reading accomplishments, however small, to boost their confidence and motivation.

                  Make reading a family affair.

                  As a tree grows stronger with support from its roots, involve the whole family in reading activities. Organize family reading nights where everyone gathers to read their favourite books or share stories. Take turns reading aloud, and encourage discussions about the stories.


                    We urge you, fellow parents, to prioritize reading and storytelling with your children. Just as the gazelle leaps gracefully across the plains, make time in your busy schedule to embark on this enriching journey. Create a cosy reading nook, use expressive voices, and incorporate our rich Kenyan tales.

                    By nurturing their love for reading, we equip them with essential tools for success in all aspects of life. They become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate individuals who can navigate the world with confidence and empathy.

                    So, my friends, let us embrace the magic of reading and storytelling. 

                    Let us open the doors to knowledge, imagination, and connection for our children. As we embark on this journey with them, hand in hand, we are shaping a brighter future for our beloved country, one story at a time, for their sake.  

                    As the proverb says, “Pole pole ndio mwendo” (Slowly, slowly is the way to go).

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