Top 10 Podcasts for Kids & Families in Kenya!

Are you searching for awesome podcasts for kids & families in Kenya? Well, you’re in for a treat! Podcasts are like magical audio shows that can excite your family’s routine. They’re entertaining and offer many benefits that’ll make you go, “This is what we needed!”

Now, why are podcasts such a big hit? Let me spill the beans. Podcasts are like a secret treasure trove of knowledge and fun. They bring together education and entertainment in a captivating way for young minds.

And the best part? You can listen to them anytime, anywhere! They’re perfect for those long car rides or cozy family evenings at home. So, grab your earphones and prepare for a journey filled with giggles, learning, and quality time.

What are the best podcasts for kids & families in Kenya?

Let’s peek at some of the most popular podcasts for kids in Kenya. These gems will have your little ones hooked from the first listen. From enchanting African folktales that transport you to magical lands to educational shows that make learning fun, there’s something for everyone.

And if you wonder where to get them, don’t worry. Just join popular podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Remember our local radio stations. Here are a few of the crowd favourites:

1. Hope Mornings by Hope Media

Hope Mornings provides a diverse selection of regular interviews covering various topics such as family life, sport, music, and entertainment. It also keeps listeners informed about the latest news and current affairs.

2. Hadithi za Kiswahili by Saumu Said

Swahili Stories with lessons for children and adults are meant to help them and adults escape from troubling thoughts and worries by listening to stories. Especially great to enhance the Kiswahili language.

3. “Ajabu Africa Children Stories Podcast

Join host Ahmed Abdala as he explores the wonders of Africa through captivating stories, fascinating facts, and interviews with special guests.

4. Nairobi Sema Story

Nairobi Sema Story is the ultimate hub for open mic storytelling, offering a platform for everyday people to share their remarkable life experiences and valuable lessons. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Sema Story broadcasts captivating narratives from diverse individuals.

5. Sleep Baby (Lullaby) by Sleepy Baby

Sleepy Baby (Lullaby) Music provides numerous advantages for children, promoting restful sleep and enhancing cognitive abilities. It remarkably impacts infant brain development, aiding your baby’s overall growth and well-being.

6. Family Radio 316 Podcasts

There is something for every family member on this radio station. Educational, inspirational, entertaining, name it. Echoing God’s boundless love for the world, this radio station is dedicated to sharing the same message of giving and caring for you and your family.

7. Bedtime Stories with Nana Chel

Nanna Chelle, a loving grandmother who resides hours away from her grandchildren, cannot personally tuck them in and read them bedtime stories. Recognizing this, she has created this podcast as the ideal solution, believing it to be the next best thing for her grandchildren to experience the joy and comfort of a bedtime story, even from a distance.

Top 10 Kenyan Podcasts for Kids

8. Grace for Single Parents By Jen Smith

This platform supports and encourages single parents during their present season, providing practical tips, advice, and a sense of grace and hope. It is where the journey of single parenting intersects with God’s boundless grace, providing inspiration and guidance.

9. The JoyRide Podcast

Through engaging discussions, Ben and Njiru delve into their personal relationship experiences and various aspects of life that have profoundly impacted them. Join them on The Joyride as they navigate the intricacies of life and provide a unique perspective on love, growth, and everything in between.

10. BBC Science Focus Magazine

 As an extension of the BBC Science Focus magazine, the podcast series delves into a wide range of scientific subjects, exploring everything from the complexities of the human brain to strategies for addressing climate change.

How to Incorporate Podcasts for Kids & Families into Your Routine

  • At Mealtimes

Incorporating podcasts into your family’s routine can be a game-changer, and here are some nifty ideas to get you started. First, why not listen during mealtimes? It’s a perfect opportunity to gather the family around the table and enjoy food for thought and your delicious bites.

  • During Car Rides

Another great time to tune in is during those car rides. Kenya’s roads can be quite an adventure, and podcasts can turn those long drives into fun-filled journeys. Pop on a podcast that matches your child’s age and interests, and let the captivating stories and educational content keep them entertained and curious along the way

How to Choose Podcasts for Kids

When choosing the right podcasts for your child, consider their age and interests. Explore different options and let your child have a say in what they’d like to listen to. It’s a fantastic way to encourage their autonomy and nurture their passions.

Limiting Screen Time

Remembering to limit screen time, even when listening to podcasts, is important. While audio content is a great alternative to screen-based entertainment, finding a healthy balance is still crucial.


In conclusion, embracing podcasts in your family’s routine can bring many benefits. Podcasts have something for everyone, from educational content that sparks curiosity to entertaining stories that ignite the imagination. Incorporating them into your daily life creates opportunities for bonding, learning, and shared experiences.

Top 10 Kenyan Podcasts for Kids

To maximize your podcast journey, take advantage of mealtimes, car rides, or moments before bed to enjoy podcasts together. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and foster your child’s curiosity.

Whether exploring African folklore, delving into science, or embarking on thrilling adventures, podcasts offer a gateway to learning and entertainment.

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